Internet of Things

A complete industry is going through a radical change right now. The field of mechanical engineering traditionally did not care much about software but with the possibilities of the IoT software becomes much more important.

This course will give you an overview of the IoT topic, from reading sensory data over communication protocols to presenting the data in visually appealing way.

The theoretical parts are accompanied by practical examples and tasks implemented with the raspberry pi.

What is the Internet of Things?

Like all heavily hyped buzzwords the question of what the IoT actually is can’t be answered in a short way. The topic ranges from embedded…

Setup and first steps with the Raspberry Pi Zero

The first step of using a Raspberry Pi is the preparation of the operating system, the Pi uses an SD card as primary hard drive so this step…

Reading and sending sensor data

One of the most common use cases of IoT is reading and collecting sensor data. Here I will show an example using the DHT11 sensor which…

Communication protocols

This session will be a bit more theoretical, because the resulting behavior of the server and the program running on the Raspberry Pi won’t…

IoT and the cloud

Whenever someone talks about the internet of things the cloud is not far. And just as the real thing the cloud in this context has no clear…

IoT going serverless

After bringing the software to the cloud last week, this session is all about the next buzzword: Serverless. Like the “cloud”, “serverless…

Data visualization

After collecting data the next step is to use this information. And one of the best ways to do so is paint beautiful graphs based on the…

Building an automated greenhouse Pt. I

The course is coming slowly to an end, so it’s time to bring all knowledge together and start building something useful. The goal is to have…

Building an automated greenhouse Pt. II

In the last session we connected a soil moisture sensor to the cloud and can collect its data now. But these values are not very useful…

Building an automated greenhouse Pt. III

This is the last session and finishes the greenhouse project. The most parts are already done, but one important part is still missing. The…